Love’s Loss

Verse I:

See that girl with the red dress on
The one with fire in her eyes… yeah
Well I don’t think she liked me much
But I kinda liked her thighs
So wrapped up inside herself
She couldn’t see outside
Lonely bars that hold her in
A prisoner of her own pride


She was not the one for me
I’ll carry on with love’s great mystery

Verse II:

See the girl with the blue dress on
The one with dangerous curves… yeah
She could lay her lovin’ down
Hotter than you could ever deserve
She wanted to be so good
She was sugar and spice yeah
But no matter how we tried
We could not see eye to eye

Bridge: Repeat


Love’s loss, emotional cost
Hearts on fire, wasted desire
They were not the one for me

Verse III:

See that girl with the smile on
Eyes that light up the night… yeah
I can feel her from across the room
I can see her, when she’s nowhere in sight
She said that I’m the only one
Worthy of her love
Well I don’t know how worthy I am
But I know, yes, I know she’s sent from heaven above


I finally found the one for me
We’ll carry on wherever our love may lead


Love’s found, Its all around
Heart on fire, flamin’ desire
I finally found the one for me, yeah… the one for me, yeah… the one for me, the one for me


Genetic equations,
Subliminal sparks inside my mind
They got me searchin’ for something
But I’m walkin’ ‘round just like I’m blind

I’m looking for something
That’s impossible to see
Propagation of the species
Where’s my puzzle piece

But wait…
I think I’m finally startin’ to see
Before I can know love
I have to untangled me… oh no!

Now I finally got it right
Things fell in place when I met you that night
To you I surrender my heart
With you I combine my light… All right!

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