Slammin’ Stevie Packett: Bio Page

Slammin’ Stevie Packet of Troubled Spirit – Photo by Erik Anderson

Stevie is the newest member of Troubled Spirit. He is a lifelong drummer who came from a musical family. He performed many years in bands with one or another of his three brothers. His main influences were John Bonham, Neil Pert and many other drummers from that era.

He has played with The Barrons, Packett Brothers Band, Sassafras Tea, Signals, 5 Over 4 and RH. The Barrons performed at Cafe Wah (New YorK City) the day before Jimi Hendrix played there. They were in New York to record with The SRO label, including their singles Now You’re Mine and Time and Time Again. Additionally, The Barrons Once opened for the infamous Jerry Lee Lewis. His band 5 Over 4 won a battle of the bands and represented Washington DC for the movie: School of Rock. His band Rock Holiday was sponsored by Budweiser to perform at FedEx Field.

While Stevie might be the newest member of Troubled Spirit his drumming skills and experience have already proved to be a fine addition.

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