Pete Czechov: Bio Page

Pete Czechov of Troubled Spirit – Photo by Erik Anderson

Pete is Troubled Spirit’s bass player. He was originally from Czechoslovakia, but at age 26 he escaped, shortly before the Summit revolution. He spent a year in Vienna living in a refuge camp in old barracks from WWII. While in Europe he played with many bands including gypsy musicians, which influenced his playing style.

He immigrated to the Untied States and in 1992, while working for Phillips he became a video engineer for U2’s Zoo TV tour. He left that gig to make sure he would not miss his United States citizenship interview, in spite of U2’s offer to make him an Irish citizen if he stayed. He was in charge of configuration and repair of the video portion of the U2 show.

Pete has played several stints in Troubled Spirit, both as a live performer and a studio musician.

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