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This page was created to share tips and tricks about web development that I have learned. I am not a web developer by trade but I have gone through many learning phases over the last ten years while I developed and maintained sites for my church, my band and a handful of other projects. I started simply playing around with HTML code in notepad and ftp-ing the code up to a site. Eventually I moved into Macromedia's Dreamweaver Suite. I was faced with the realization that I needed more to help me quickly develop my sites so I began to research whether upgrading Dreamweaver of moving to a new platform would be better. I found XSite Pro in my searches and after evaluating XSite Pro against Dreamweaver and a few others I found the XSite Pro seemed to do more for less money. I purchased the product and the training that was provided for XSite Pro and I was quite pleased indeed. In fact the training consisted of 26 video modules (over 30 hours of training) that were the best training I have ever received for any product or technology. The modules cover ever feature in XSite Pro, how and why to use it, as well as search engine optimization and how to generate income from your site.

The first thing I suggest is that you check out XSite Pro. If after you research the product and you want to purchase it, please click the link below when you do buy it. It's the same price no matter where you buy it, but you will be helping me out. Once you buy the product and take the training you will understand why I am doing this. You can't go wrong promoting a product you really believe in.

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The training I purchased is called "The Complete Guide to Website Building" and it is really the best training I have ever received for any product or technology. I could not have been happier that I decided to purchase the training too. You will know every aspect of the product (and there are a lot), as well as many additional topics including web site maintenance and cleanup, search engine optimization and income generating techniques for your site.


Although there is a free version too, I purchased the XHeader Pro application as well. I was quite pleased with the number of options and ease of use of this product. It's hard to beat at this price!

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The following products I have not tried yet, but I wanted to list them because I am sure they will be just as good as the other products I have used.

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This is more training designed specifically to assist in guiding traffic to your site, which means income for you!

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