My Baby Don't Like No Howlin' Wolf

By Jim Ittenbach - 2018

Verse I:  

Sunlight Beacons me, to join another day 

The blue marble spun me round, in its usual way 

As I circle the sun, I gain another ring 

I stop and I wonder, what my future will bring 


Verse II: 

But something’s changing, in the back of my ind 

Shifting sands aligning, Telling me its time 

A voice is telling me, that it’s time to reveal 

Precious gems inside of me, I chose to conceal 



It’s the Awakening, Time to let my light shine 

And in my awakening, I start a new life 



There’s no one stopping me, It’s really up to me 

It’s time to step up, and set myself free 


Verse III: 

The walls that I built, they crumble today 

A spirit fills my soul, and lifts me away 

My tattered inhibitions, lay dead on the floor 

I turn and walk away, to return no more 


Chorus:Repeat 2X 


© 20178


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