Troubled Spirit Picture Gallery

The DISA-Peering Act

Gallery Seventeen: The Washington Mall - Washington DC!

Gallery Sixteen: 1st Mariner Arena!

Gallery Fifteen: All Around the Perry-Go-Round!

Gallery Fourteen: Troubled Spirit: Karn Evil 2008

Gallery Thirteen: The California Inn

Gallery Twelve: Summer 2007

Gallery Eleven: Spirits Unite! 2007

Gallery Ten: Adam's Ribs from 2007

Gallery Nine: Various Lapses in Reason from 2007

Gallery Eight: Summer 2006

Gallery Seven: I'm Dreaming of a Mac's Christmas!

Gallery Six: More Madness

Gallery Five: Assorted Arenas of Madness

Gallery Four: Ape Hangers

Gallery Three: The Island Inn

Gallery Two: Various Clubs

Gallery One: The Realms of Ancient Spirits: 1992-1995

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