Jim Ittenbach's Adventures in Soundproofing

Phase X:


Little D at Troubled Basement StudiosHere are the pictures of the progress as we come into the week before Thanksgiving. I will certainly give thanks when I am finally finished. I am beginning to miss playing and rehearsing regularly. Litlle D is taking a break with his brew. This is a picture looking down the long wall of the studio






Mineral Fiber Insulation for Troubled Basement StudiosHere is a shot of one of the bundles of mineral fiber insulation that will be used in all the 2x4 walls of the studio.









Switch box at Troubled Basement StudiosThis picture shows the light switches for the studio, hat channel installation, Blue Cotton insulation in the 2x6 wall and mineral fiber insulation in the 2x4 wall. Note the putty pad wrapped around the switch box. It is important to identify and address any spot where sound could leak through the wall structure.





Troubld Basement switch complete Here you can see what the light switches look like when they are mounted and running.









Pre sheetrock wall at Troubled basement studiosThis a view of the main section of the 2x6 wall showing the hatchannel istallation that the two layers of internal sheetrock will attach to. You can also see the AC return duct.







First sheetroock inside Troubled Basement Studios

This is the first sheet of sheetrock I put up inside the studio. I found that although I had success with this sheet, I decided to mount the remaining sheet vertically to eliminate challenges with lining the seams of two sheets of sheet rock on a single piece of hat channel. I just had to make sure none of the vertcal seams lined up with one another between the two layers of sheetrock.




Sheetrock at Troubled Basement StudiosHere you can see the first layer of sheet rock on two of the wall sections.









Two Layers of sheetrock Troubled Basement Studios

This picture shows the wall after both layers of sheetrock are in place.










two sheets of sheetrock at Troubled Basement Studios


This picture shows two of the back wall sections with two layers of sheetrock installed.









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