Jim Ittenbach's Adventures in Soundproofing

Phase VIII:

sheetrock at Troubled Basement studios


It is the end of September and the first layers of sheetrock are up on the eternal walls. Although I am not using RSIC (resillient sound isolation clips) on the outer walls, there are three layers of sheetrock with damping glue in between. The sheetrock was put up with 1/2 inch spacing between each sheet. The 1/2 inch gap is filled with acoustic caulk at each layer.




office window at Troubled Basement studios


This is the office window wall. There is a half inch gap between this wall and the external studio wall. As soon as I can get some more sheetrock delivered I can mud the walls and paint them.






three layers at Troubled Basement studios


Here is a closeup of the three layers of sheetrock. You can't seee the damping glue but it is between all the sheets of sheetrock.







ac return for Troubled Basement studios


I had an air conditioning emergency at my house so I had As You Like It Heating and Air Conditioning take care of the supply and return ducts for the studio at the same time. This is the air conditioning return duct that was installed by As You Like It Air Conditioning. I will need to build an extender for the return to acommodate the approximately 3 inches taken up by the whisper clips, hat channel and two layers of sheetrock, but this is fnctioning well in the mean time.







beams for ceiling in Trouble Basement studios


These are the beams for the ceiling, cut and ready to mount. Once they are up the walls will be fully stabilized and I can work on putting up the joists (between the original joists) for the decoupled ceiling.









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