Jim Ittenbach's Adventures in Soundproofing

Phase IX:

joist and beams at Troubled Basement studiosIts mid October already and the joists are being put into place. There are four areas in the studio that require joists to be installed.







 joistd and beams in Troubled Basement studiosThis is another section of joists.








joists in Troubled Basement studiosIt is a little difficult to see bu there are many joist pieces cut out and slid into place. These joists are about 11 feet long so I had to cut them all out and slide them up in the ceiling before proceeding to mounting them in place. This is because I needed all the space available to get the right angle to get the joists in place. The next step is to move them into position and mount them.





office of Troubled Basement studiosI used some of the extra pieces of sheet rock to begin finishing the last office wall. The next shipment of sheet rock will be here Tuesday. This wall will be among the first to be completed then.







whisper clips at Troubled Basement studiosIn this picture you can see the whisper clips mounted in place. The hat channel will arrive Tuesday as well.  








switch in Troubled Basement studiosI am running a new circuit for the lighting in the studio. Here you see a double switch box. One of the switches will be for the main lights and the other will be for a lighted sign outside the studio that will indicate when recording is occuring. 





electrical outlets at troubled basement studiosThis is simply some wiring for the some of the outlets in the studio. You can see that I have put the insulation in the smaller areas, incluing the corner which is actually adjacent to the office (on the other side of the wall).


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