Jim Ittenbach's Adventures in Soundproofing

Phase I:

A thick 12X9 carpet remnant was purchased to hang up over a framed wall in an attempt to lower the amount of noise from the heater/AC unit. It was also used to attempt to lower the amount of noise traveling Jim Ittenbach's soundproofing projectthrough the rest of the house. Although this did reduce the amount of noise from the HVAC system it did almost nothing to reduce noise transmitted through the rest of the house. This was intended to be an initial phase, so research was the next step. There was no shortage on the Internet, but most sites with anything remotely resembling useful information had the ulterior motive of selling you soundproofing products. One concept that held true in all the sites visited during the research is that the only way to soundproof a room is to build a room inside the room and make sure it is completely isolated from the other parts of the existing structure. Buy the book. It will save you a lot of money.



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