Midnight Dream

By Jim Ittenbach - 2017

Verse I: 

She fell into my life, Like there’s no place else that she could ever be 

She entangled in my soul, Scattering emotions designed to change me 


But when I look into her eyes, I see the sun and see the moon 

But you know we never ever, Sang the same tune 

Verse II: 

We trampled on our love, Careless spirits stumbling through our lives 

We never gave a thought, To the wake we left behind in our lives 

Bridge: Repeat


Cascading Light, Caressing her sight 

Flowin’ like a stream, Midnight Dream 

Verse III: 

I caught a glimpse of her, Floating gracefully inside my dream one night 

But I never will forget, That we couldn’t ever make things right 

Bridge: Repeat

Chorus: Repeat

© 2017


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