Jim Ittenbach's Engineering Page

This page contains information on tips and tricks I have learned while striving to become a recording engineer. The most important learning tool is hands on work. This holds true for anything anyone is trying to learn. Along the way I have received supportive mentorship from several people. They include Paul Weager - Nye Timber Studios, Dwayne Whitmore - Chesapeake Music Works and Ray Tilkens - Ambient Recording Studios. Additional training methods I used included taking Recording Institute Association of America (RIAA) classes at Sheffield Studios outside of Baltimore (Bill Mueller - instructor), books, videos and quite often the Internet.

I believe the best way to learn this type of skill is to hear the differences between the songs at different phases. I will try to place examples of these phases here at regular intervals. Being a successful engineer is extraordinarily complicated. I have not come even come close to my goals yet and as such I welcome comments and insights on the examples placed here. I will never stop learning. Eventually I hope to create a forum where ideas can be shared freely. Keep checking back because it will happen!

Books you should read:

  • Recording Studio Construction
    • Home Recording Stdio: Build it Like a Pro - Rod Grvais (I obtained fantasic results in my studio as a result of this book)
    • The Home Studio Guide to Microphones - Loren Alldrin
    • Recording Guitar and Bass - Huw Price
  • Mastering
    • Mastering Audio: The Art and Science - Bob Katz
    • Mastering Engineer's Handbook - Bobby Owsinski
  • Mixing
    • Thre Dimensional Mixing - Kendal Osborne (Also and excellent podcast series from  Kendal - Recordingloungepodcast.com)
    • Zen and the Art of Mixing - Mixerman
    • The Mixing Engineer's Handbook - Bobby Owsinski
    • Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio - Mike Senior
  • Producing
    • Zen and the Art of Producing - Mixerman
    • The Producers Manual: All You Need to Know to Get Pro Recording and Mixes in the Project Studio - Paul White
  • Recording
    • Art and Science of Sound Recording - Alan Parsons
    • Zen and the Art of Recording - Mixerman
    • Recording Unhinged: Creative and Unconventional Music Recording Techniques - Sylvia Masey


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