City of Hate

By Jim Ittenbach and Shane Ittenbach - 1978, 2006

Verse I:

Broken glass shines like diamonds in the garden of anger tonight
Streetlights cast illusion on the destruction that was left behind
Claustrophobia rising as fast as concrete and steel
They blocked out all the sunshine. What a deal! 

Verse II: 

Tensions are mounting and the morals they fade away
Anger has risen, now someone's gonna pay
His voice is still crackin', yet he's packin' heat
But that's how they do it on the streets 


In the city, In the city, in the city of Hate
In the city, In the city, in the city of Hate 

Verse III: 

The ending is coming and all the world's insane
Looks like what we got here is the fall of Babylon again
When Jesus comes, you know I'm gonna leave
You can come too, if you just believe 

Chorus: Repeat 

In the city, In the city, in the city of Hate
In the city, In the city, in the city of Hate 

Rap Outro: 

This the city of hate, ape and gorilla bait
I’m anxious to get away but I’m stuck like I’m in a stra-
Stra- straightjacket its locked I’m like a criminal
I need to get away from this place this moment is critical
No this moment is pivotal my supports at a minimal
Stuck in the madness circled by grimmest individuals
Where no love dwells, it’s the city of hate
Where everybody’s got somethin’ to say, give me a break
Where the snakes in the place start pickin’ ya fate
But I’m just strollin’ thru this city at a ridiculous pace
I can see this city turning me into a monster
A monster like the Loch Ness or an anaconda
Trying to run away got me sweating like a sonnet
But I’m trapped I can’t get away i guess its karma
Trying to see the light at the end i call it dharma
Got green, got birds, do dirt like a farmer
But I know that I can get away from the drama Keep faith, build strength, only way to get stronger No way I can stay up in this place any longer Goodnight and good luck city of hate, sayonara 

© 2016


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