Against All Odds


By Kevin Buter and Jim Ittenbach - 2010


Verse I:

She was tough, she was a scrapper, She was no little queen

When the motorbikes were roarin’, She was always on the scene

She could raise a fist to meet you, And bring you to your knees

She was Daddy’s little girl, she was the song that sailed the breeze



Verse II:

He was just fourteen years old, When he set out on his own

Forced to be a man, Oh he felt so all alone

Until the day he saw her walking, Down to fetch a pail

And he said hey there can I help you, Draw that water from the well



Against All Odds - He saw the light shining from her eyes

Against all odds - He knew the colors of her soul

Against all odds - He saw the woman she tried to hide

As she floated like the breeze into his life



Verse III:

Barely out of childhood, They stepped into their life

The road was hard to handle, But they filled each other’s nights

A family began to blossom, In between the daily grind

But they knew they’d have the answers, With the love that they would find



Against All Odds – They traveled down this rocky road

     Against all odds – They rose up from the storm

     Against all odds – Hand in hand you’ll see them shining,

     We’ll let them shine Until the end of time


Verse IV:

It was a leap year on a Tuesday when this story met this song

There was nothing given freely, that's what has made them strong

And now we stand as witness to the treasures they have found

We're all a little rricher from the love they gave us now



Against All Odds – We saw their story grow 

Against all odds – We felt their spirit flow 

Against all odds – You wrapped your arms around us 

And showed us all the way into a better day.  

 © 2010


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